I’ll soon be able to see inside my own head!

Yep, refferal to get a CT scan of my sinuses to see if there is anything viewable (i.e. PUS!!!) or not. If so they can say whether they should drain it. Also script for Roxithromycin with reservations. I have them too. I can’t have penicilin, ceclour is no longer effective so these are like my last ABs… and currently trying to damp down my immune system re RA and trying to keep it functional to fight infections.. yeah i think I am though hoping the CT is clear because these will be recurrent viral infections and the ABs have been helping in regards to anti-inflammatory effects..

Anyway. So hopefully soon- I am higher priority due to being immuno compromised.

B12 injection too! No fainting this time XD Yeah, I can eat all the B12 rich food there is but my immune system says a big SCREW THAT! so… it’s just not actually being absorbed/converted. I think absorbed. Given injections work really well.

Umm….. lots of antihistamines too 🙂 Though I am now seriously thinking Sintra for my armour as my Shae Vizla jetpack is extremelt solid thanks to using the PVC weld I have (it’s red, so cheap as no one like bleeding joins in their downpipe).

Also hooray for potatoes! Still can’t chew so I can at least have some starch by sucking on chopped up taties. At least it also feels like real food too. So nicely filling nice and quickly 🙂

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