a useful bit of Foam for easy cosplaying and other cheap costume needs.

I Have Not attempted this yet, so I cannot give a realistic price (at a guess I’d say less then 10 bucks). Foam tends to be fragile when it comes to getting pulled on, so beware.

I Feel this would work rather well to add some accents to a Larp costume, for a Zelda cosplayer, or a general costumeness.

Is ‘Heat n Bond’ a thing we get here in NZ?

Anyone got any thoughts about how doable this is- I’d appreciate some feedback before I run out and attempt it!

Yep, Spotlight stocks it. Two kinds, get the heavy duty stuff for anything. It seems to be stored all by itself, not with the interfacings anymore. It’s quite pricey here. But I used two layers plus satin plus rigid craft interfacing to make my Regina collar. Seriously good stuff.

This is probably fiddlier than other techniques but the fabric backing would make the foam a little more durable. STart with a low setting of course! And use the Heat n Bond paper backing as a heat sheild to begine with as well to prevent melting on to the iron.

I have some regirigid urethane to cast in silver for a headdress I made a mold of about 4 years ago. It’ll be a bit fiddly getting it to shape but very durable as there are no points of weakness. Other option is sculpt in plasticine, mold in plaster and cast in latex. It’s actually a lot easier 😉 Cost wise not a lot more either as you can reuse plasticine and plaster can be dead cheap. And you can make repeat casts  😉

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