I’ve started transferring my Blood Dragon patterns to card and getting into a bit of a sticky wicket.

I knew I had some pronounced curves but I think there are too many to really be able to use my card templates as a pattern for leather. I’ll have to form the leather first and then cut it. Which is doable but less likely to produce very crisp results. So it may be fibreglassed after all. I know I got really in to the groove once I got my Shae armour nicely sorted and on a stable substrate (most of the issues I had from the start were to do with air moisture levels and how it buckled my paper and card). Foam would be great if I could get the same rigid:density proportions in half thickness but I can’t here.So I’m a little lost.

Leather is definitely the best for mimicking how the armour behaves, fibreglass better for how it is supposed to behave. Foam the best of both worlds but is too thick (the overlap of the thigh and bicep pieces are the main issue- but also where there are necessary layers that are ignored in the model).

And I wanted to test with the vinyl but I need supplies. Sigh. Today is not a total wite off but I have been extremely tired anyway. Some success with Shae though, so I should be happy about that.

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