Just booked to see my specialist. I may be eligible for
Yeah, kinda scary reading but so too is the page on RA anyway 😉 But I’ll know in probably three weeks? I see my specialist the first week of August and it usually only takes a week after that to know.

Really hard decision but I can at least talk to my specialist about my concerns. Basically I have had negative responses to two TNF inhibitors as it is. Enbrel set up a scary allergy and Remicade just made me seriously sick with every infection everywhere. And my hair hasn’t really recovered from falling out either. It if full but falls out by the root once it gets to about 15cm- about a years growth for me.

But it’s also exciting because I really have had two especially bad years. So… difficult decision to make. If I meet the criteria for activity- which I might given the continued activity in my elbows which are significant and large joints.

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