to filk sondheim

Everybody rise, rise, rise dies, dies, dies.

Does anybody still wear a hat?

Meanwhile attempting anything is a nightmare so I am typing during that blissful period where medication that supposedly has no analgesic properties actually does and falling asleep. Which is nice as I can’t do opiates and NSAIDs have minimal effect and steroids are… steroids.

Also the cruelty of having to open 6 bottles for pills for my arthritis each night is a bit of a cosmic joke. Blister packs are not much better.

I am desperate for injections in my wrists but  think we have reached the point of no return there. Not only is there no gap but the bones overlap. So I can’t wear splints and even bandages get to put too much pressure on this deformity. If I had the option of private surgery this would have been “fixed” years ago.By the removal of the end of my ulnar and a metal pin or rod through radius.  Not recommended in someone so prone to infections of course. But with the ends of my ulnae so out of place it also limits my elbow movement- and will cause further degradation there. 3D printing ofbones and joints cannot come fast enough. Or cheap enough 🙁

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