@masseffect Crushed

So twitching wasn’t so bad once I was at just the right spot on the ledge. I was able to roll reasonably easily- it’s when you wind up not able to move due to being caught in shrubs….. But the decision after. So I have cry quitted. Or Creyquit if we are going with the theme of ‘net spelling.
I have a feeling I’m going to be one of those crazy upset people at the end. Which is kinda cool. My Lizzie Shep is a Mary Sue so she is making all kinds of decisions that have no happy outcome- whether you choose right or wrong. And it is a really really really interesting journey to play a game where you can’t be a complete hero as portrayed in our western stories. But I have feelz for now so am going to have a nap.
Partly because I have also had a fabric day and am full of boba tea and mochi (green tea) and Gourmet Mushroom Stick. Soon Rekordelig.

Also I have to make my own no win situation right now about how to spend my health for the rest of the weekend.

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