Screen shots, for art…

So. There really does seem to be very little to see in the way of how the chest piece fits together.

That said it does look like the outermost coller sits under the body at the back and over at the front. There are some clipping issues on the female model sadly. But I think I have enough info to work out the basic shape of the frame the armour is built over.

sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-47-29-03  sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-37-05-03 sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-38-23-03 sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-51-01-03 sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-36-47-05  sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-55-49-04 sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-37-43-02  sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-54-57-04

I may or may not do the helmet at any stage. With my new head cast I could of course. Anyway. I think the upper arms will be possible to make from pipe. The thighs too but they may need to be slightly bigger pipes than I currently have. Just for that one piece that scoots in under the butt.

Nice to see the belt line works to divide movement between the hip and thigh pieces but it is actually a little high still to allow for real world motion. I may have to adapt a bit here.

The greaves and knees could be leather for sure. Really am considering making the thigh and arm pieces leather too. So easy to cut and I should be able to drape the pieces over the mannequin to get the butt scoop.

sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-40-15-02    sm_MassEffect3 2013-07-18 20-40-41-03

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