Foam and paper :)

So I’m now completely confused as to where I have posted what but here we go:

Foam shopping success! That lime green mat was super cheap and will be used, see notes below 😉



Madame Foamy! So named for obvious reasons 😉 This will make several projects infinitely easier!

sm_P1100405 sm_P1100406 sm_P1100408

The extra foam on her back has been filleted back to approximately my size and now she is at least useable if not pretty! A new skin will be added once I can. But this was enough for right now…

So, project progress!

sm_P1100415 sm_P1100414 sm_P1100416

I may have my own personal preferences for methods of costume production. The trend towards traditional and long lasting. For good reason. I can’t make all the things all the time so what I do make I want to last forever because I have -50 health and thus can’t just make another copy at will.

But I also know there are techniques out there other use and use well and if I am to judge them fairly I should have some hands on experience.

So I have started making the Blood Dragon armour from Mass Effect (2 and 3, but 3 as I have my Lizzie Shep running around in it and can get references) and side by side with my own techniques I’m testing out folding and scaling in pepakura (I did have Blender on my old comp to try and make 3D objects from scratch but haven’t set anything like that up on here). But most people use in game models. That said I have tried wrapping my brain around modeling and I know it’s that step further- like drafting/draping and using a commercial pattern or making vacform bucks and using preformed parts.

So I’ve used a small model as a start and got it to scale and made sure I liked the overall effect. The rest of the process is much like what I have already done with Shae- except that was hand drafter on the form. So I can leave the paper where it is now 🙂

The next step will involve using foam as a base to fiberglass over. So again I’ll get a handle on how to glue and fit with foam but I’ll be using it as a template rather than final product.  I have an idea on how to really make this relatively fast and not require too much sanding….

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