Unsurprising post is unsurprising

Sigh. I think if I do my Space Knight armour I’ll get mistaken as part of Zod’s army.

By Space Knight I mean “here are a few pieces of gothic plate inspired armour and here is a bodysuit and here is an exciting lasergun pew pew”. The Female Templar from Hellgate was the first to catch my eye. Then Blood Dragon in ME2 (and 3) and now pretty much all miltary gear from Krypton. Hmmmmmmmmm…..

Also Faora is my height. So nice to actually finally see an actress my height on screen for scale reference! They are all either 4 inches taller or 4 inches shorter. Padme and Satine I am looking at you both and your gorgeous actresses. Basically it means I get a better idea for proportions (humans don’t scale perfectly with a shift key.
And now I am totally digging a leathery sunray pleated cloak and then being transported back to the the He Man movie and the first villainess I fell in love with. And who inspired my early forays into what would be fan art under a different name. Also everything from Willow. But that is going from dodgy scifi to scifantasy straight to actual fantasy.

But yeah, I have my future mech-lite armour (Shae) my future sports protection (Liara)and alien if you squint you’ll find my armour Darth Talon).

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