Enthusiasm is keeping me sane ;)

Also lots of inspiration. I love blended armour. Which is why i wanted to make the Hellgate Templar gear. I also love the Blood Dragon armour. In fact a little more so as it has a higher dregree of functionality (the proper chest shape, the thighs being obviously strapped, knee protection and then the abilit for lots of motion.

And then tehre is Gaora. And Gail Simone posting some 2D art with the same space armour theme going on. And I am now all torn.

Except I think got extremely inspired.

Anyway I have the dgital copy of the Mass Effect art book now and am collecting the comics piecemeal. I’ve also found ways to mod in game armour that has been allowed even when playing multiplayer. So I may wind up bribing people with cookies so I can watch the story and customise my Shep and get them to do the clicking and the mousing and then leave me to collct fishies and buy drinkies because those are fun. And yes, I have tried a hand held mouse and a game pad. Nope. Can’t use any of them. And Wii and Kinect affect my larger joints so big old world full of no for most games.

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