Love her so much!

Did I read an ask for you asking if you would be interested in writing her? Just saying it’dbeawesomeifyoucould and letthehigherupshear.

Also oh hai! A version of the suit actually doable by those without access to a full body cast, and the ability to make full body molds and cast in semi rigid Urethane! (Not that I don’t have semi rigid urethane just for this sort of costume issue…. *). But yeah. Rock! Seeing the movie in a few days so I’ll find out how much I am intrigued by her character 🙂 If intrigued enough this version may just get blended with the other as I have so much sheet plastic just lying around ready to be cut into small armour pieces. Also that fabric… I think I have a funky option. It’s called “Predator” oh yeah. 

Sigh now I have all The Armour Feelz for everthing I have wanted to do but not had a chance…. I have an idea….. 

So is this helping me finish Nyreen and Vastra and incidentally get Talon rejigged? Part of the reason for being escorted at Wellington Armageddon was the weight of the darn tentacles. I need to see my doctor. Definitely got gunk in my ears again . Sigh. 

*There are beautiful works made in foam/soft thermo plastics but I am one of those nuts that likes puzzles so want to figure out the original methods and see what makes them do what they do and why they were chosen for what task. Also as a bit of a history nut I tend to think of armour as being functional so try to make sure mine is as close to functional as possible. But my Fibreglass is a little lighter but still has some flex, leather armour is wet formed (don’t wax boil it makes the leather cut easily like wax- but it is soooo pretty) but not boiled etc. etc.

So….. Today I’ll attempt to fix my ears so I can sit up

It’s why I am still reading the most gossipy journal from the 16thC. In Olde Worlde Hollandse, Deuche and..Latin. Mind meltingly labourious but so full of so much information. Nut.

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