With a spot of “what happens when I click here” escapades I managed to create a working path and a working path of a really complex part of the Talon Tattos so I will be able to work on them and get them really nice and smooth after all. Yay 🙂 In celebration of this I will spend the weekend working on this as opposed to going in to my workshop while I still have a sensitive nose and want to sleep every half hour 🙂 I will also use the time to work on the Cosplay Room proposal to be sent to all those who have said they would participate as well as those who don’t yet know they are being volunteered 😉
Speaking of which I need to rewrite the volunteer pack for the cosplay stream full stop and start planning for the changes in the rego forms for next year 🙂 I may be meeting with people over the next few months to make sure plans for next year are able to be known asap given we have a slightly earlier start with Dunedin and ChCh over previous years.

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