Roight.. I was waiting for the other health shoe to drop…

I took up a daily deal from treat Me for the first time because I thought, eye exam and basic lenses and frames for $88 woo! No more Shame frames!* So I went in and they had a cute pair that would have been fine as a back up to contact lenses, which I normally wear. But then I mentioned I suit cat eye frames and of course the only pairs were in the expensive section. Of course. So the first were lavender and the colour was lovely but the base of the frame still was squared off. Then I saw them. My dream frames. And I got several “er, why?” looks when I pointed out the solid black 1950s style frame with the little wings and I think diamantes on the fairly wide arms- I was a little excited to work out if they were a sticker or not 😉

That was until I put them on.

With my hair as it is I usually have it up in a bun and yeah. Then everyone understood. Full on rocking the 50s librarian look. Vintage face shape suits vintage frames. And I have wanted them from the start. So in a few weeks I will have my first pair of expensive frames since 1997. Actually first set of glasses at all.

But what I thought was just my right eye catching up with my left is actually a developing astigmatism. Right eye has caught up in terms of distance (-2.25) but my left has settled back a quarter step to (-2). But my right has mild astigmatism and my left more pronounced. So why I am more conscious of the right eye changes I’m not sure.

Anyway, so what does this mean? ATM I can still wear simple distance correcting lenses and not worry too much about the slight blurriness of reading text in the distance- wouldn’t be allowed to drive I don’t think but for not bumping in to the walls it’s all good. But that won’t last for long probably given how quickly the changes occurred.
But getting FX lenses is difficult enough when you need correction (in NZ) and now I really need toric lenses (probably, will be test driving a pair next week) which will make it even more difficult. So I may have to invest in three pairs of multipurpose lenses if I can find a supplier. One black, one sith and one cat eye.

So I may be trying to find a few costumes that work with my frames (Barbara Gordon early years?) to work with. Also current wardrobe choices tend toward vintage hipster anyway, so this is fine for going out with friends and generally being seen in public. They even work with my hoodies, so there is that. Vintage nerd! Also, subtle Catwoman inspired everyday wear 😉

* These are my original pair of glasses from high school and they had Harry Potter frames before harry Potter was created. They were cool then totally not after only a few years and the plastic came off leaving me with gold tone giganto round frames. They are my Shame Frames as I have avoided seeing an optometrist and was running out of contact lenses thus I needed motivation to go and get checked.

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