“If You Know Someone Who Doesn’t Believe Sexism Exists, Show Them This
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This is great, but jeez, some people are just awful.

It’s pretty relentless but there is hope and I’m so glad that people who intervened in public were acknoledged. I have been assaulted in public three times.(Not going to talk about other private interactions.)

Trigger warning- I just feel anger so can write about it.

Once at a high school assembly. Simple grope, mainly butt- an attempt for more stymied by the fact I was walking past and he was sitting. There were people who saw exactly who did it. And not one spoke up. So to this day I still don’t know. But I remember the faces of those on the school benches very well.

Once during New Year’s eve in London. So winter, heavy wool coat on, couldn’t see anything of me from behind aside from long hair and a small waist- and I was literally groped so hard and right under I was lifted of the ground. I didn’t dare turn around because that felt so dangerous and so close to becoming a full on physical assault. Again no one who saw intervened.

Third time was at Wellington Armageddon a few years back and someone tried to but their hand slid off my shiny shiny butt. Again a crowd saw and when I turned around they were literally all lookin in different direcions. No one wanted to dob in their mate. Yes, protect the idiot who assaulted someone ‘cause they are your friend? Is that really a friend you want?

In all cases I wore very different clothes in all cases they were sneak attacks from behind. 

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