So I am happy with my tats, to the point I’m going to create another three sheets of the connecting pieces I avoided so as to make it easier. So the side front belly and back of arms will get their coverage.

They are mostly my work. The specific idiosyncracities of line width and end points are mine for sure. But I did use some tracing of Jan’s art to get there πŸ˜‰ Also they scaled down a little further due to the PDF format (I was using a 97% print of my last tats and then they scaled back 97% again. The chest and belly tats are fine, as are the main back pieces but the thigh and arms need to be a little bigger.

Also note i did not get a chance to polish my armour, But I did give it all a slight gold wash. Why? My saber hilt is a mix of gold and silver to break up the tone. And it works well for the armour too. Also note my armour is black on silver (ie my cut marks show the metal underneath not black cuts on silver) so as to better mimic the artwork.

Holy crap, woman, your costuming just blows me away. Β And you are freaking gorgeous.

Thank you πŸ™‚ I think I forgot to mention I did in fact paint myself entirely this time. Ditto with the tattoos.

Very bendy πŸ˜‰

But also the alcohol to dissolve the paint makes the paint dry fast enough that you can πŸ™‚ While reaching around to paint between the shoulder blades you can disturb paint around the chest and armpit so luckily this stuff dries so quickly you can feel when you are able to go over an old spot or new πŸ™‚

Also two specific brush types used in two specific ways (or three…) and being very familiar with the viscosities needed for painting the face vs body, first layer vs last.

Also no sponges with this stuff except to make dappled effects! Best of all is an airgun but I don’t have one (yet) and it does mean a lot of alcohol in the air. I did the lekku patterns this way. Whee, the air was alcoholic for days in my workroom!

Also so much glue! Literally used a detail house-paint paint brush to glue the prosthetic to my forehead and the gloves and boots to my legs. Also bikini to body. So looking forward to the upgrades! I just need some leather dye and then I can sacrifice some leather hoarded away for years for a project that won’t happen. Then some more (recycled skirt ditto for a project I have passed on) to make a new bikini. I’d prefer to mold vegetanned leather but I don’t think I’d be physically able to pull it in to shape any more.

And hello to you over here from LJ-land πŸ™‚

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