So I am happy with my tats, to the point I’m going to create another three sheets of the connecting pieces I avoided so as to make it easier. So the side front belly and back of arms will get their coverage.

They are mostly my work. The specific idiosyncracities of line width and end points are mine for sure. But I did use some tracing of Jan’s art to get there 😉 Also they scaled down a little further due to the PDF format (I was using a 97% print of my last tats and then they scaled back 97% again. The chest and belly tats are fine, as are the main back pieces but the thigh and arms need to be a little bigger.

Also note i did not get a chance to polish my armour, But I did give it all a slight gold wash. Why? My saber hilt is a mix of gold and silver to break up the tone. And it works well for the armour too. Also note my armour is black on silver (ie my cut marks show the metal underneath not black cuts on silver) so as to better mimic the artwork.

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