Oh hello rain, again…

I am having trouble with the tidying of the lekku, mainly because it is so damp. I think there may be a pool of water under my workroom because it is super stinky. So I’ve had the heater going most of the day- it helps with the smell, helps with my joints and helps get the latex to cure.
So I am being super patient and leaving the latex well enough alone for the night and hope the thin layer of latex cures.

Meanwhile I have ruined so many ear buds…. argh! I have one beautiful one taunting me while redoing the other about three times now. And being a fairly solid layer of latex that is taking some time to cure! I knew I should have made two molds… well I may have to as the mold is finally losing definition.
But the new antena is cut and shaped ready for paint and polish and the new upper of the wrap is also cut ready to shape once the latex is cured so I can try it on. Then new wraps with a slight overlap of the buds so I can hide all the edges or just glue them in to the head wrap… hmmm….

My wrists are far to far gone to be able to pull the leather into shape for the new bikini. So I will leave that for the time being.

And I am now going to sleep. I may not get her ready for Welly at this rate, but I shall try 🙂

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