Tattoos drafted!


And this is the leftover mess. I think I spent.. five hours the first time resizing and scaling and cropping and tidying originally. Then I printed them off and redrew them, slightly smaller but mainly thinner and with a defined penned outline. As you can see it took a while to figure out where to put what pieces… I have left a few of them off as they are not the most iconic.

In all it was only 3 1/2 pages of intense drawing and filling but I still have to figure out the lekku patterns. Sigh. I may have to see how ell the various statues work and fit in with the more detailed images in the books. So far most of the views from behind have been tiny panels. And the most recent set from the library had two whole panels of Talon! But, it did have the Joker Squad comic (sheesh actually had me sniffling and comics tend to not get that reaction from me!!) and a lot of Azlyn Rae in her special suit and then as an Imperial Knight and I have totally got the bug again! I kind of have been skimming but Azlyn really speaks to me and her anger and acceptance.. anyway. It would be nice to have a group of Imperial Knights here.


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