Lekku are weird…

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So I made a pattern from my lekku. And because it is thundery out there I did not go and get my proper scissors or more pins. So it probably took a bit longer than it need be. That said I got baking paper around and darted to fit, yep they are as long as the Gentle Giant statue:


But compared to the comics (where the patterns do change from book to book, so I have a slight blend and got more interpretive towards the bottom) the patterns are way too different 🙁 Sad. Also I ain’t wearing knickers that little! most of my inspiration is from War which has the belt plaque in the back as well as front and the same hanging straps which my head prefers for balance and bikini briefs which are at least a little more comfy. So this also means I’ll have to redo the head wrap, which is fine as I think I like the wider band. Also at the end of War there is a nifty panel for a variant 🙂 If I feel like tearing up my costume… but there is another variant I will go for if the paint holds up for two days. Or rather if I do. I am a tad claustrophobic and paint alone is enough to make me feel icky.


So the next step it to keep this as a guide but trace over each identifiable piece and tidy them up. Then transfer to stencils so I can fairly rapidly paint them on.

Also I think I have a cunning plan for the upgrade for body paint/tattoos but it will mean a big investment in expensive paint and a proper airgun that does a wide area with low PI. Also even more steady hand and threshold for solvents… hmmmm….

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