You guys need to see the stack of costumes I’ve started, for serious. I have a serious problem with getting excited about new projects too easily! Currently started, with unknown finish dates, off the top of my head, are: 3x Granado Espada costumes, 2x Aion costumes, 1x Draenei Death Knight, 1x Dark Eldar (not the one I’m working on actively now), Silk Spectre I, a GW necromancer and a bunch of half-baked concept pieces. I know I have more in boxes. It’s all good until you realise you’ll never finish them all, and that’s when you start feeling really shitty 🙂

This is why I am about to destash if I can 🙂 I have hoarded pretties just to have the pretties but I have already gotten rid of about 150L of fabrics (gifted to friends) and am considering offering costume “kits from my stash to entice people into getting their own projects started 😉 Like silver fabric for an Apailana costume… my shot green pleasted skirt and precut (and overlocked) bodice pieces for a Natural form/slight bustle gown.
My rack of actually in progress for reals UFOs barely fits in a double wardrobe, the bar is sagging and I can’t actually get anything off the bar without having to really push other projects aside. 
I have looked at this row of unfinished projects for months now. Now that I am well I have no desire to finish them but to make new things. *Cry*

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