Is this really a progress update?????

Heh, my last two reblogs both had a feathery theme… so now for something completely different!

Tentacles! So my previous set of lekku work best when worn SWTOR style. But with Rachi I need to wear them slightly further forward. It causes more folds on the underside than I want but I could do some careful surgery I could quite quickly remove them of make them really adorably like wee fat rolls. I will do so later. I have finally got some more paint to mix to shade and also do more permanent markings (the liquiset paint came off in the rain!)

But I am also nearing completion of my next set and they are finally starting to look like they grew out of the head form.

They started off looking like some mutant whole chicken ready for roasting, if you bred your chicken to have bendy legs 1m long….

Then a very pimply uneven scarred set of things growing from the desk. And finally now I have some skin texture, but I would like to make the face and ends a little smoother.

So next bit of progress…. SINUS INFECTION HAS BEEN BANISHED!!!!!!!!!! *pretend flail because there is too much RA activity to really* By the power of Roxy no less 😉 Roxithromycin anyway. This means being able to wear these lekku! So I’m going to be working on refitting a few costume elements for both costumes 🙂

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