A few solo photos taken by Rob and Matt respectively while getting some approval shots done as well as “fans with local landmarks”.

The photo album for everyone involved is over here:

Also photo of me grinning ear to ear over a flattened TK may not make it to the set 😉

Such a fun day even if we did have to dodge the rain! And my face was starting to match the paint due to pressure.

Paint is NZ Airbrushed Tattoo Ink in white mixed in a base of a tiny amount of what and heaps of pigment and alcohol then mixed and poured into a low dish. It needed stirring as it started to thicken as first the pink then blue pigments rose and crusted on the surface.I do have enough for another application but want to match a full bottle asap for a few events coming up.
Sending in submittal in the morning with mouse and table top. Expecting informal but I don’t mind. Also expecting a few things to adjust.

Wow Rachi Sitra!! I love her design *.*

Cool cosplay

Thank you 🙂 I just got her approved by the Rebel Legion and I’m super happy to say as formal/canon 🙂

Hopefully this link will take you to my profile.

Very lucky I made a second hilt for Tykhi (it’s a smaller hilt but I think it works). There is room for a blade and the light still works, which is amazing. My soldering is a bit… clumpy. 

Sadly finding drivers for the syperbright LEDS is close to impossible in NZ (I only know people who have imported the things) but I have enough other components now to actually attempt the blade type I really really have wanted all along.

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