10 years, really?

Yep Saturday April 13 I spent my tenth anniversary of cosplaying (compared to costuming- we’ll get to that in a bit) at conventions so happy anniversary to me!

It’s been an up and down decade and I want to devote a fairly long post about my experiences from the start which has helped shaped how I now interact with other costumers and cosplayers and the general scene.

It would be naive to think it was all plain sailing. In fact there have been so many knock downs along the way a more sensible person would have quit a long time ago 😉 But what it did so was make me absolutely determined to not have that happen to anyone else. While I can’t stop the snarky comments I can provide a safe place in the contest itself where there is no judging of personality or body types just respect for the work involved and being able to hand out a few awards.

Anyway so I was going to do a retrospective but that will require a fair bit of work to go through my old pages 😉

Anyway so the difference between what I was doing before and after is simply the presence of an audience 😉 I’m primarily a costumer, I like to get a record of my work as I make it and once finished. I happen to cosplay because noone at a convention actually knows who made a costume or not when they snap photos. It’s an incredibly open term so no snobbery there from me 🙂 I also happen to prefer to talk shop than pose for photos but that comes down to a few character traits 😉

So wall of text rather than photo essay but I have delayed this post for too long as it was!

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