No. You cannot make a post crusading for social justice and acceptance of all types of folks in the cosplay community and then immediately turn around and use the phrase “the best cosplay everyone else go home!”

Sigh. Yes. No need to further expand on the difference between genetics, costume/makeup illusion work and photography and photographic manipulation… simply putting one person on a pedestal and devaluing everyone else is horrible. Be sure that when you are complimenting one person you are not dismissing people you probably have no idea exist. This includes the phrase ‘the best X ever” because you never know who is reading. Positive adjectives like amazing and incredible and the like are enough.

I have a rare costume someone told me was the best of all the versions they’d seen and I was like er.. you probably are comparing my finished product to the in progress photos of my own costume….

I try to be super careful with my phrasing because I am in a position of “authority”. I have in the past hurt others by not thinking outside my own line of logical thinking (and I did apologise- as an addendum to what I wrote and in a private message, I wanted to delete the phrase that hurt but felt that was dishonest) and it has made me even more careful. I tend to tie myself in knots trying not to change the course of the output of others because I firmly believe everyone should find their own path and that usually comes with experience and you need to get this in your own way.. but this really should be a no brainer….

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