@masseffect Nyreen progress! Again sorry for bathroom photos but this is the best lit mirror in the house at this time of day and I do not fancy setting my tripod out and all the rigmarole it takes to get my camera to focus when taking self portraits (I need to have a stand in or the camera focuses on the background…. I usually use a Christmas tree stand, vacuum tube and wig head, it can be entertaining)

Anyway so this is the first successful cast! I will be using this but I want to make as many sets as I can before the mold loses too much definition. I love the texture I got on the skull but it will eventually go bye bye. The very last set will be a semi rigid urethane which I will also use to cast my Asari pieces from and any other plaster mold looking a bit dodgy.

Also, I will be using various means to hold pieces together. The pins forced curves not present and the underside of the upper lip sticks out but will be glued flat to the inside. I will be using a lot of velcro dots. They stick very well to latex indeed and will allow for fast removal in case of heatstroke. Cough, not that that happened at the Dragon*Con parade at all… cough. ehem.

I may go try and test the hood pattern. It’s crazy with overlaps and stand up collar and all that jazz.

(ETA: I use @XYZ because I cross post to twitter on this account 😉 )

Oh my Goddess that is a bitchin’ Nyreen mask! I love it!

Thank you XD Indeed it is a Nyreen mask (five parts) currently stalled due to health reasons but I do hope to be able to start cutting out the fabric for her tunic and hood asap. 

Aw, I hope whatever health reasons there are clear up soon and don’t reappear. I hope the rest the costume also goes smoothly.

Thank you 🙂 There is a concerted effort to ensure this! Including me taking a break from a few things including costumes I want to do but really don’t need. Nyreen is not one of these! lol! I will though not go mental like I did with Liara and try to make every detail “real” (the silver on her jacket is all applied, the layers are all different and only tacked together where needed). As for the attempt at seaming Samara and Shae Vizla…. yeah not going to do that again 😉 Samara was about 120 pieces not including the buckle strapping).

Still going to attempt airbrushing the design of muscles on the undersuit if I can… 

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