Backing up what Saf said – Thank you! I've always wondered what kind of products you used ( I definitely need to invest in a airbrush :o )

Thank you!

Oh I need a few more airbrushes. The big issue is the compressor actually. I really want one that will be low noise and travel. Tamiya had an ideal one for under $100 but i’m not sure if the hose would connect to my current brush. Also out of stock at the main supplier here. Imentioned on twitter that a good place to look for compressors would be make up specifc and cake decorating sites. The PSI involved will be low enough for skin. I use canned air, it’s ideal so I’ll see what the PSI is when I get to my brush in the next few days.

I recommend siphon feed dual action. (For anyone reading) this is where you have the ink in a sealed container under the main body and so less chance of a spill and the dual feed allows for line width and density variation. I have dual action gravity feed. And I splash a lot . It’s a good brush! And I can clean it easily (it does not like sticky pigments in some acrylic inks) but I would like to be able to self brush my face as a base as airbrushing layers the paint in droplets so you get a matter texture that also incidentally holds powder more easily.

You can get gravity feed brushes with containers on the top as well- they look like old film cannisters! So there is that as well.

Oh and I have a Sephora airgun. It is hideously gold and I had to get a new transformer type adaptor for it, but it works for a given value of work. If I was more patient I would use it as a final spritzing of paint to get that texture but I need to clean it as it splatters a bit.

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