Circa 1873

This reminds me of the Janet Arnold pattern!

It is 🙂 The source page is at the Gallery of Costume in the Manchester Art Gallery which is as per the Arnold reference. Arnold’s stripes are closer together though which does make it look a little different.

Perfect example too of how often skirts were sewn in wrong. Note how the side front panels have the stripes angling inwards? Yeah not supposed to do that 😉 Gores were supposed to be sewn straight to diagonal not diagonal to diagonal.

This is the Arnold dress I most want to make. So much.

For those without the book (and no costumer should be without a copy!- that said I need to pick up two of the four myself…) the bodice is in multiple parts: faux neck fill, basque and belt and detachable undersleeves- main bodice ends at the waist and elbow ruffles as well as sheer neck ruffle (deep oval) . And there is an evening bodice too (ball bodice in fact due to the shape- very formal wide but shallow neck, bare arms). So this gown was mean to be able to be worn in every social situation the owner could possibly find herself.

Dinner? why I’ll remove the undersleeves and neck fill. Ball? I shall wear the off the shoulder bodice! At home? Sleeves or not, neck fill or not. Visiting during the day? Neck fill and sleeves!

Seeing it in colour makes me really want to find a good mimic of the actual fabric.

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