I don’t often do a specific link/promo of a particular product but if i do it’s because I have tried it and really like it. But we all have different needs. I need that permanence of paints. I know I find it easier to use non permanent paints (they blend much more easily for one) but I do move about so much and have to not worry about how people are bumping in to my lekku/pulling my tentacles and have the paint carry and transfer from people being silly.

I am also on a budget so I do use the best quality I can afford when I can. I do think the best option are the Reel Creation colour pots for sheer ease and number of applications able to be done. You need the paint and the solvent. You can buy setting spray but I have never needed it and for this reason it is not much more to invest in this than in water based paints and setting spray/powder.

I do want to use water based paints for a few photoshoots to have fun and blend and tone and do all that as well 🙂

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