#FYI these are cats that had just been sedated at the vet

I am a horrible human being

They’re trying so hard. 

I’m not sure if the sedation thing is right – I recall someone saying that these cats were moving like some of their cats which had some kind of genetic disorder which heavily impaired their coordination, but not necessarily their quality of life.

Either way, this is hilariously adorable.

The sedation story falls apart if you have ever picked up a cat from the vet. They wait for the worst of the sedation to be over. Or if you have ever fed a cat sedation medication in order to get them to the vet- they sleep, not wobble around. My baby boy Sam had to be sedated when our family moved from the South Island to the North. With another cat and an afghan hound. I think a budgie too… He resisted and had his nose pressed against the bar trying hard to stay awake.

Unlike with humans where you go home after say… having your wisdom teeth pulled and you talk utter garbage at your minder for the day then pass out with ice in a sling around your face and your minder takes photos. Sigh. You do have to have a minder of course.

But yeah, these have a genetic disorder. You can tell they are energetic, not sedated. I hope these little ones are still okay. Their video first made the rounds a while ago.

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