Woo! Finally got my pretties hanging up 🙂 a bit of swapsies so less pretty pretty costume parts are in the 24 drawers surrounding it. I may have issues with making stuff. Totally inspiring me to finish the Elissa gown 🙂

From left to right:
Lizzy Bennett stripy dress (when she see Pemberley)
Victorian hunting outfit (The basis for my Steampunk)
Imperial Officer
Reinette (Girl in the Fireplace)
Danielle (Ever After silver)
Christine’s Blue dress
Mina’s Absinthe dress
Satine’s Black Diamonds

And then my Talon lekku up top with my Shaak Ti lekku in the bag behind. In the 12 drawrs to the left are mainly SCA garb with a few cloaks (Shaak Ti and Talon) on the right 12 drawers are my various Sci Fi bits and my papery collections and then there is the china cabinet of accessories and tea trios and another box of goodies also on the floor.

Compare with the photo of 16 or so 50L containers of fabric and the wardrobe of molds and the furniture of tools…

I may just have a teeny tiny obsession with making stuff.

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