See that? That is effed up latex that is. I should not be able to scratch the latex like that. The liquid latex can part and as the liquid evaporates I ccould create channels, but a sharp brittle stratch in still white latex? No.

Latex in its natural state is a white liquid that turns a murky clear colour when cured. This in not cured. this has gone really horribly wrong. Eventually it will cure, oh yes. But it does so by going through a jelly like stage. This causes it to crack because there s no stretch when it is like this but it still shrinks as the water evaporates.

I thought it was me. But it is not. I tested all my methods but frankly that above should never happen.

My latex did have a pinkish tint to it, but I’ve had that before and no issue. Now to retro-research what went wrong (I have my suspicions).

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