@masseffect Nyreen test cast. The jaw still needs to be freed but yay! The thickness of the latex over the nose and brow ridge mean she holds hape even over my pointy nose! You can see how far her lower face sticks out though.

I’ll be resculpting the mandibles as they are a tad too wide (by barely 3mm) on the under side and the pointy ends are about 5mm too long. Looks fine with a cut edge but it looks better with a molded edge.

So, very hapy with how she is going:)
Sorry the mirror has paint on it and my workroom is cluttered. Play spot the past project in the background though 😉 Asari head butts lined up….

While I was picking the Pros-Aide off of my face earlier today, I mentioned to Alyssa that a really awesome Nyreen costume would make me drag Aria out for another photoshoot … and then I discovered this beautiful (test!!!) cast.



Can I please do this shoot? I will fly wherever I need to go. PLEASE.

So this is why I suddenly see lots of reblogs 😉 Many many apple-ogies for the bad photos!

Funnily enough I just dragged myself out to the workroom today (it’s summer and humid as heck in NZ at the moment-clay is melty so goes from great to bad to work with) and started work on the warty skull cap 😉

Okay I think I have mentally designated them sensory cell clusters and left it at that 😉 The larger ones for subsonic the smaller for ultrasonic vibrations.. I don’t know! She has a series of pangolan style scales down the back too, Turian biology is crazy 😉

So I’ll figure a way to get the next round of piccies up tonight 🙂

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