Wedding dress worn by Mary of Habsburg, 1520’s Hungary, Hungarian National Museum

An outfit worn by her husband also exists, but I can’t find a color picture of it.

I would definitely wear this dress.


Those images were kindly shared with me to share to the world, but it is nice to acknowledge their source 🙂 

Sadly the only other set of photos taken of the gown are on a site that is no longer with us:

http://www.aflightoffancy.com as she had some clearer photos that she took. I have them saved I’m sure but I would not want to share them without permission. 

And the official site has just this:

I am relaunching Frazzledfrau here on tumblr as soon as I stamp images I have scanned (so as to credit some now OOC books) and sorted links to images I fear are long dead. I started that site in… 2001 I think? So a fair amount to get transfered!

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