@masseffect Nyreen is free! The molds are all good except for a small gap on the inner jaw, and some clay stuck in her lower lip area. Which I knew would be a possibility when I decided to make a shallow lip. I can at least fill in the gap as it is a waisted hole so when I fill it the plaster won’t come out, which does happen if you have a smooth bubble shape.

So much clay to clean out though…. the mandibles came out clean so I was able to test one on my face. Good proportions, now to see how it works in latex. I’ll clean the molds today and slush some latex in tonight. I have some thickened stuff left and lots of paint to slush some grey latex.

Of which I have my torso patterned. Wooo

Wooooooooo! More costume love XD What armour are you doing? N7? In game (ME2 still for me) I have the pearl tint on any and all upgrades. It’s mother of pearl, shell…. I am a really bad punster 😉 But yay!

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