whenever u feel sad just remember that there are billions of cells in ur body and all they care about is u

I am made of my own fanclub

So after that…….

Uness you have an autoimmune disease where there is an endless battle of rogue immune cells labeling everything they can find as For Immediate Destruction. Much of the time they make up a smallish number (a few thousand antibodies per blood test…) but then the cascade starts….

Luckily they are usually defined. My current rogue soldiers are waging “Operation Synovium”. This is not too difficult as it covers all your joint spaces, all around tendons and ligaments and even your internal organs.

I’d like to think there are some cells trying to chill these dudes out, and so far they are coming in pre-prepared syringes of mono-clonal goodness.

So, keep that fanparty going! Love and appreciate it, truly and honestly 🙂 There is no jealousy here 🙂 Just be sensible and love those cells back. I get sad when I hear people taking there fanclub for advantage.

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