I forgot.: Public humiliation done right.

Link: I forgot.: Public humiliation done right.


Took my little sister toy shopping today. After much browsing, she chose a pack of Hot Wheels cars. She wanted to pay so I gave her the money. As we were waiting in line, some dude waiting behind us asks:

“Buying those for your brother?”

My sister gives him a weird look,…


I wish I was confident enough to do that. I’ve had more than my fair share of “those are boys things” or “hur hur what are you going to do with that, nudgenudge” and been vocal but polite or way too humiliated to say anything.

Most recent:
I buy an E11 Hasbro at half price because it’s a nice base to mod. I go to the counter to pay and see some really cute blingy charms.

Me: Heh, is it funny I want to buy both the uber sparkly blingy charms and the blaster in the same trip.

Counter dude: yeah but only the charms are for you right?

Sigh. I did politely tell him they were both for me, but I’ll just that the gun right now please. I still have plans for the charms, I’ll just buy them another time.

We won’t go into what this other dude did when I bought electronics for my lightsabre. I should have actually reported him for sexual harassment because it went way beyond simply being annoying.

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