Sigh, actually this one is true, for a given value of true.:

A few sell the stuff doesn’t make it a delicacy here by any means.






There are so many things I could say about this.  So, so many.  More than anything, it horrifies me as a student of journalism that people of the profession have no problem with printing such absurdly, obviously incorrect and non-researched information.  Just… HOW.  How does something like this even happen in this day and age of near-instant access to answers to everything?

Excuse me. I’m just going to pop on my kangaroo and go down the pub to have my daily healthy pint of Horse semen. I dont even.


JSYK non-Australian/NZers…this is kind of incorrect. And by kind of I mean completely. 

Also how was it collected. 

Though I guess they might need it. For breeding and stuff. 

Someone is pulling that journo’ leg big time, in summary. 


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