sunburst tracing

June 13th, 2009, 05:19 pm

Well I spent the afternoon drawing on fabric but I do finally have my beading layout transfered to the back of the fabric 🙂 The dark blue vertical line is where the original seam was. I shifted it out a little as it just balanced a little better that way on me.

The two dresses have seams in different places anyway. It is however a good 10cm narrower each side than I originally cut. And the reason it looks like a cotton is because the satin lost so much body when washed (which it needed in order to be decoloured) that I had to back it with a fusible fabric.

I used solidot or whatever it is called. A much better option than most but still a little annoying 😉

The pattern is off centre but balanced on the whole. I shall probably add a little more in the way of clouds near the bottom right hem.

So tonight I shall hunt out my pieces of netting and see what is suitable and start sewing the various lines. I may be lucky and not have to do the clouds as well as the rays of sun if the fabric is at all transparent when working it on the frame. Oh and here is the bargain frame I got: I think I will cut off the top (above where the frame sits) and use the wood to create a pocket for the sides to sit in so I can easily break it down to slide in beside my wardrobe 😉 But hopefully the next photo will show beading happening!

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