-1540s, Saxon

Status: passed on, apparently very appreciated for SCA newcomers

Year finished: 2006

To Do: n/a

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: A portrait of Anne of Denmark

One of the earliest collection of images of Saxon dress I saw was in “Die Mode.” The portrait of Anne of Denmark was so inspiring as she had “bare” arms (covered by her hemd) and a very cute flat collar that looked nothing like the usual popped collars seen in many paintings.

I experimented a bit with the opening of the bodice by shaping it a little. It looks good but was quite annoying to wear as it tended to slip of my shoulders slightly.

My more recent open fronted gowns keep the opening on the grain and it still allows me to create the curve though using the armscye as a means to change the direction of the opening. It does need a bit more practice to fit the sides, whereas here the sides sit neatly.