– 1908 day dress

Status: wearable

Year finished: 2009

To Do: n/a

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: Girls’ Own Annual fashion plates.

I love the monochrome look of the late Edwardian era, and so when a lot of lovely self striped cotton (satin stripes) came along this was always going to be what it would become.

The sleeves are based on what the magazines call “kimono.” Some of these do appear to be hanging and partially open some seem to simply be very wide but fairly short on the arm. I made a tube and then cut a curved underarm shape. Then pleated the sleeve and added a matching strip of pleated fabric to follow the pleated line over the shoulder.

The bodice was much simplified as this era starts to see a more mordern type of pattern block, while still using the french bias and double dart.

The skirt is gored but with a very circular back gore.