-1881- christine daae, wishing gown

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Status: Wearable

Year finished: 2008

To Do: nothing

Updates since last photo: none

Inspiration: Australian and Canadian productions of Phantom of the Opera.

April 2006
A blend of historical and recreation costuming. Historical patterning used for the bodice and fully pleated underskirt and draping used to create the pannier, apron and waterfall drapery on the skirt. The body of the dress is made from printed cotton purchased in Sweden and is decorated with rayon appliques, cotton velveteen and corduroy with satin ribbons, guimp and tufted braid trimmings
23m of pleating made for the edgings on the sleeves and drapery which were also trimmed with 46 metres of ribbon.


I sponged paint on the design after I had cut all the pieces. This saved me from painting fabric I didn’t need to.

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All the pleated trim was hand made and I used the stripes as aguide for how deep to make my folds. The pleats were all hemmed and edged with two widths of ribbon trim.

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The skirt was pleated in a similar way. I pleated several widths of the fabric by lining up the narrow gold stripes. The pleats were sewn down at regular intervals and the hem left free to kick out when walking.

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