-1876- portrait of a lady

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Status: passed on to a friend

Year finished: 2004

To Do: n/a

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: The mourning gown from portrait of a Lady as well as original Victorian fashion plates

This gown became a reality as I wanted to test my ideas on the skirt for the red dress in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and I knew fully pleated skirts (or kilted as the fashion magazines of the day described them) were very common for the time period I was most interested in. I found the cotton fabric for the underskirt at $1/m and a good 2.4m wide as it was for curtain making. The bodice and overskirt were made in a fine cotton twill found at a 2nd hand store still on the roll from about the same price.

The bolero is more accurate to the original fashion plate in Harper’s Bazaar as I had always loved it even before I had seen the film.

The costume was made for a production of Gaslight where I played the lead..

The bodice and full, gored skirt used for the drapery were made from a fine cotton twill. The bolero from cotton velvet and the fully pleated skirt was made from 10m of a heavy plain weave cotton.

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The underskirt was fully pleated and stiched down before being shaped on the stand.

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The bodice was patterned using authentic pattern pieces and lined with the same cotton as the pleated skirt.

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