Status: Wearable

Year finished: 2008

To Do:  mask

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: Hot Toys figure of Machiko Noguchi

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hunterdaniel sm_P1040779

huntersketch1 huntersketch2 huntersketch3
October 2008
Inspired by the various interpretations of Machiko Noguchi, human hunter from the Predator vs Alien series of novels and comics.
Wig: four 40″ wigs rewefted to one cap and dreaded. My own hairline incorporated while wearing it. Colour shaded near hairline to better match my own. Acrylic paint dye (not ink)

“Blooded Hunter” scar: clear silicon coloured with oil paint shaped by brush over plastic glued with pros aide (love it!)

Neck seal: silicon over stretch netting, invizible zip up the back with a long tag that tucks into my costume.

Necklace: fishbones, handmade teeth (DAS colour, aged with paint) and random wooden bones.

Bikini set: faux suede, double layer bra (wire and foam shape from a cut down bra, otherwise patterned by me) self lined knickers with modesty panels subtly aged (a bit paler than intended) with paint as per wig (same time actually)

Armour: All made from snake textured heavy leather (seconds so the entire lot of two hides was under $30) patterned entirely by me in paper then card and finally riveted together, metal eyelets hammered in, textured with hot glue and finally painted with acrylic spray (black then silver).

mn3 mn4 sm_P1040721 sm_P1040726 sm_P1040727 sm_P1040730

Shoes: sole and wedge from a pair of $3 shoes from our favourite cheap shoe place and new insoles and entirely rebuilt heel and toes (same heavy leather) nailed and glued to make sandles. They even buckle to fasten. Also textured and painted to match.

mn25 mn26 mn27

Wrist blades: sintra/forex/foamcore laminated together cut, whittled and sanded to shape. Painted in acrylic, sanded back and repainted. Enamel is easy to apply, but the acrylic just is so much more flexible.
Housing is made from a cut down silicon caulking tube (I am recycling from my Witchblade) and heated to reshape and notched to fasten through slits in the vambrace. Leather glued and textured to match.

a_P1040078 mn23 sm_P1040720

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Shuriken: three layers of forex/foamboard laminated and shaped, epoxy putty used to created raised details. I’d rather have used more foam board but I was getting to the OMG ow stage.