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Status: Wearable

Year finished: 2015

To Do: n/a

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: Asajj Ventress, The Clone Wars


Single episode (S03E12, Nightsisters) version of the classic black and white outfit. Currently the only Canon version of this costume.


Head: Bald head with purple toned tattoos and shading. Pale grey eyes

Neck: five rings total, four for the neck one for the collar bones. Each ring separated by a divot suggesting the rings are sewn and turned through rather than overlapped. No visible opening.

Torso: bodysuit with “princess”seams going from apex of shoulder and sleeve cap to  inside bust points continuing to under the seat (about 1″ apart at seat seam”). Inner panel and sleeves made of matt warm grey toned fabric. Sleeves plain, torso panel with horizontal lines-approx 12 visible at front with shading on lower edge. Dark matte fabric for side panels front and back. No visible opening.

Legs: matte black fabric the same as torso side panels fitted legings. Boots and waist wrap hide potential full length offering means of fastening or fitting.

Arms: matte textured leather look material from wrist to widest part of forarm. Two straps with non functioning buckles- matte metallic look. Hand half covered by material matching torso side seams and leggings.

Waist: tapered and form shaped matte leather look waist and hip covering. Upper edge lies flat across the mid back then curves down to meet at centre front just above belly buttin. Lower edge follows flat across the back at upper hip height curving up to meet centre front just below belly button. Large ring shaped buckle at centre front, filled in with same material as waist cover. Crescent shaped belts from same materials hang just shy of centrefront to just shy of centre back. Large knobbed rivets on front and back of each crescent. Light sabers hang from black,  flat, U shaped fasteners at each side situated evenly from both upper and lower edges. Extensive shallow scratches on hip belts.

Skirt: semi satin surface effect, flared, with minimal gathering at hips and waist area. No visible fastening. Not the same fabric as any other element.

Boots: wide but slight heel and slight raised platform, rising to at least the ankle. Matte black matching other leather look items. Greaves from same matte black leather look material that extend from ankle bones to just above the widest part of the calves. There is a second layer covering the shins and this appears to all be held in place by two matching straps each with buckles at the side backs.

Sabers: Asajj’s classic curved sabres with alternating bands of silver and black on the handle leading to a flattened silver emitter. Red blades.


Full ensemble including skirt