gentle giant animated leia

April 2008
Dress of self lined microdenier nylon lycra (very soft and fluid) sewn to hide all seam allowances in the skirt and sleeves but flat lined through the body to hide seam allowance ridges on the outside.
Wig sewn together from two wigs and multiple falls.
Pop gun assembled from a toy gun and flag bonded with epoxy putty and spray painted with acrylic paint.
Made to wear as part of the Rebel legion, currently one of a few still classed as formal, please note this would now be classed as informal if submitted anew.

2008 version:
ttp:// (bun fight) (bun fight) (bun fight) (bun fight) (ganging up on Endor Leia) (ganging up on Endor Leia) (Charlie’s Leias) (Charlie’s Leias) (Three Leias).

First version (2007) (also seen above in several images):