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(All studio photos created and edited by by Sylvie Kirkman of Little Noise Photography, please do not redistribute without her permission)

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All location photos at Whakapapa Ski Field, on Mt Ruapehu, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.



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(Photos by Beyond Cosplay Photography, with Starfirephoenix as Anna) (Solo photo by Duckworth Industries)

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(Photo by Martin Studer) (photo by Alison Humphrey)


Status: Wearable

Year finished: 2015

To Do: Finished- make a new cape for public events, cut and drill thousands of sequins!

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: the moment Elsa transforms her appearance and the utter freedom she expresses at that moment. The gown seems to be extra magical, extra vibrant in that moment.

I did fall in love with Let if Go like any good light weight belter (okay, soprano who wants to be a mezzo). It literally felt like a diva’s breakthrough moment and my first thought was #WWMD? What Would Mackie Do?

Bob Mackie is a designer of the most amazing beaded gowns for real life divas, singers who inspire millions around the world with their passion and talent.

Now as a not-really-diva but a performer and specifically musical theatre performer I loved the idea of making a costume that was both a recognised gown of doom and be personally self referential.

The costume itself is made of many diverse parts and my blog here certainly shows how long it has taken to go from research, through development to the final ensemble.

So I have created subpages for each main element with materials a bought and processes used.

Sequin research and development

The gown

5 yards 3mm micro mini sequins polyester spandex in “White”- AB coated so looks pink, not silver- exotic-fabrics

5 yards stretch charmeause satin, royal blue- Spotlight

5 yards fine bridal tulle

1 yard white stretch fusible interfacing- Spotlight

4 spools pale blue domestic overlocking/serger thread

274 yard spools polyester machine thread- Gutermann (col. 714)

164 yard spool polyester machine thread- Mettler metrosene plus (col. 0790)- may be known as Seralon

plastic boning- high quality solid white boning in two widths

metal and cotton zip

iDye Poly in turquoise, blue, and kelley green- Jacquard

The bodice decorations

288 8x10mm Rectangle AB sew on rhinestone- SunflowerJewelryBox

30+ 13x18mm AB sew on Rhinestone- fashionbeads2013

100 6x18mm AB sew on rhinestonel- fashionbeads2013

144 Swarovski 4mm xilion lochrose AB round sew on rhinestones- crystal-wholesale

324 Swarovski 5mm xilion lochrose clear round sew on rhinestones- crystal-wholesale

144 8x10mm Rectangle AB sew on rhinestones hnyzc2011

7mm beads, twisted bugle turquoise (P 773859)- Gutermann

7mm straight aqua bugle beads (P 773840)- Gutermann

50spearl “Balger”* Cord- Kreinik (*now possibly 32C Pearl)

(I tested many sequin options which have a separate page.)

The cape

7 yards crystal diamond tulle, white- Spotlight

5 yards white glitter snow tulle- Spotlight (also known as spider tulle)

6 yards HeatnBond lite- therm.o.web

164 yard spool polyester machine thread- Mettler metrosene plus (col. 0790)- may be known as Seralon

blue iDye poly- Jacquard

The shoes

Silver wedge jelly shoes, (Goldenseller)

The wig and make up

24″ wavy ash blonde lace front wig- Wigfashion

primer, colour correcting and flash correcting

pale pink blush

pearlescent lilac eyeshadow

interference red eyeshadow

dark brown eyeliner pencil

black eyeliner, liquid

black eyeliner- pencil

stayput liquid lipstain

pink-purple lipgloss

The photos below show the dress before bodice reshaping and jewel applications. The cape is not my work in the images below.

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