-eowyn funeral

Status: Unwearable

Year finished: 2004

To Do: nothing

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: Eowyn’s mourning gown

In 2004 I had really caught the cosplay bug. Not everyone was as enthusiastic for non anime costumes in the contest at the time, but I was pretty determined to enter! It was a great chance to get on stage and do small performances given how hard it is to dedicate time and energy to a full production with a chronic degenerative disease.

For this I had practiced Eowyn’s chant to perform live. Slightly nerve wracking but also again an opportunity to do so that I wasn’t able to before.

I entered this costume in the same manner as my Galadrial costume- a costume that was fun to make. I had intended to recycle the gown and cloak to be used in the SCA but I never had the time to line the gown.

The base gown was patterned after gowns in Flemish tapestries. So it differed from the original costume in a few ways. I also wasn’t really willing to stamp the velveteen with a pattern as I was not aware at the time of any stamped velvet in the early 16th century.

The rest of the ensemble was made from a crinkled shot taffeta that looked steely blue. Each piece was made separately and finished.

I painted an existing brooch gold, used a length of chain and wired smaller plaques into hoop shaped plaque belt pieces.

The shoulder brooches were made from craps of leather, celtic knots, and wired brass beads. The circlet was woven in fencing wire with small flowers wired over with blue glass beads.