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More lace for marie Antoinette!


This very heavy embroidered lace net reminded me of the dimensional effect of handwork one of my great aunts would work.

sm_dsc_0893 sm_dsc_0895 sm_dsc_0898

The colour however was not quite right. Had the leaves been green I’d have kept it.

So during the colour removal process some dyes can go a very strange intermediate colour. Whites often go yellow, and here the cool blue went a pale apricot before finally all settling back to very very very pale tones.

But what I really really wanted was to change some finer embroidered lace that I had 25m of (I kept a5m length aside).


The pattern is so beautiful and a reasonable patternĀ for many periods.


Before and during.

I also put in some vintage real metal laces in after the fabrics. Real metal will gain new life but it will create a far amount of dark brown liquid- sthere is a reaction to the metal. SO do be careful. Once cool the dark brown liquid turns black, and any staining of the fabric disappears.

Today is a day of pressing and cutting linings for my Princess of Cleves doublet.

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