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Too much 2 Broke Girls…

I want to call this my Spring Break Cupcake gown.. I do actually mean my Spring Ball gown as it is such a virulent green and I will be making it suitable for warmer weather.

This has been pulled apart for years so I finally changed my overlocker thread (it’s all recycled mystery fabric so modern machines ftw!) and tidied the bodice pieces and got them bullied in to shape.

sm_DSC_0071 sm_DSC_0073 sm_DSC_0075

The bodice is still not fully fitted, you can see some of the excess fabric on the right armscye.

This was originally the skirt for my Absinthe dress but the saree faded in spots so I decoloured it to bone and copper so that’s not happening any more.

So then I decided for a cuirasse bodice with half sleeves some panier drapery and lots of self pleated trim and flowers. But now I think cap sleeves of lace and a high neckline and lace on the drapery will make it a nice c1880 extreme natural form style. There is a fashion plate that keeps coming to the front of my mind so I’ll get a copy of it for when I finally get this done!

Also I may have used an overlocker to tidy the edges but I did go for a super short stitch as per the era for the actual seams.

I think peachy pink flowers are a definite must have. I may have to recut the upper part of the bodice for the neckline I am planning, so it’s a good thing I have so much extra fabric, especially as I am making the drapery more fitted as per the slightly later date as well.


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