-shae vizla


(Photo by Sylvie of Little-Noise photography.)


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(Photos by Jayce Williams)

IMG_7831m IMG_7832m IMG_7852m IMG_7857m  IMG_7823m

(Photos by Matt Glasgow of SWNZ.)

Many thanks to Matt and Kristy for their help and hosting and taking many awesome images that follow????

What you mean I play the game as well?? Yes, I’m on The Harbinger with my Shae Wannabe running around with pink hair and a pink speeder (Rose Aratech, I seriously want to build one for real, so much acrylic to heat form!!!)


And so then in character I got to Shoot All The Things! Bounty Hunters, can’t take them anywhere:

IMG_7971m IMG_7963m IMG_7957m
For Balmorra and Belsavis! That is the famous Roxy. So glorious. (Yes I know a Collicoid is not an Acklay)

And met amazing people:

IMG_8015m IMG_8017m

And stormed the Rebels:


Took over the Imperials:

Took a taxi, er, speeder to Endor:
IMG_7811m IMG_7814m

And eventually was caught and repackaged:

Status: Wearable

Year finished: 2012

To Do: resize some elements

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: Shae Vizla from SW:TOR

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, it’s pretty fun in Shae’s shoes. So much fun.

Except in the Marriott elevators.

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